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  • Lingerie is an evolving niche market in the fashion world. Thousands of exciting lingerie dolled up with delicate laces and suave fabrics are introduced into the mainstream each day. Steel boned corsets are the latest to catch the fancy of contemporary women. Some women experiment with the coquettish designer lingerie as fashion statements, while others wear them under the clothing for support and enhancing their body shape. Corset are erotically-designed couture-pieces that have the power to accentuate a classic hourglass figure. Buying sensual figure-flattering corsets is not an easy task, considering that markets often offload sub-par quality at dramatically high sticker prices.


    Read ahead to understand these 3 easy to follow steps that can help you buy your ideal corsets effortlessly transforming you into a gorgeous diva:



    Step 1: Contemplating the Types of Boning Required In the Corset

     A corset without a boning is not completely a corset. The primary purpose of adding bone to the corset is that it helps in cinching the waist. There are two kinds of boning. The first one is the “Plastic boning”, which is easy to find, relatively reasonable price-wise, and comes in plenty of designs to choose from. However, one drawback of plastic boning is that it cannot be used for waist training and should not be laced tightly, as this can cause the plastic to bend and dig in.

    Steel boning on the other hand is relatively better as it provides more support. It comes in two different types-spirals steel and flat steel.

    While corsets with steel boning are usually a lot more expensive, if you are planning on wearing your corset regularly or for long periods of time, the benefits of buying a corset with this type of boning are well worth the additional cost.


    Step 2: Deciding Whether You Want an Overbust or Underbust Corset

    Overbust corsets typically cover the breasts while an underbust corset stops just below them. These overbust corsets are not easy to buy off the rack as they require proper waist and bust fitting. If you are planning on wearing your corset underneath your clothing, an underbust corset is a better option than an overbust corset.


    Step 3 Choosing the Fabric for Your Corset

    Fabrics play a huge role in helping you decide which corset to choose. Following are some most commonly found corset and bustier fabrics:   

    • Satin: Satin corsets are generally very shiny and are sold specifically as innerwear. These are hugely admired for their soft feel and rich look.
    • Taffeta: does not shine as much as satin, but is usually quite comfortable to wear. The best part about this fabric is that it is apt for designing corsets that can be worn over tops and blouses. It is also a concept well adopted by top-notch celebrities these days like our very favorite Kim Kardashian!
    • Brocade: These beautiful woven fabrics make a corset look elaborate without the need for additional embellishments.
    • PVC: An intimate delicate fabric, it is perfect to spice things up behind closed doors.


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