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  • Quirky and unconventional is the new fad in jewellery designs – from floral and trapezoidal to chunky pieces. At Little Secrets, we not only offer the best of lingerie, but also have in store rare designs of contemporary jewellery for you!

    We have listed below 5 jewelry pieces to complement your bedroom ensemble. Spread some awesomeness with these stylish yet seductive jewellery pieces and sets.

    1.Angles Pendant Necklace - Get Creative

    1.Angles Pendant Necklace - Get Creative

    Great things come up in small packages. Sometimes dainty, subtle designer necklaces are enough to make a statement. This piece of contemporary jewellery is perfect to pair with your sultry lingerie. These ankle necklaces are perfect accompaniment with light blue babydoll lingerie, for that goddess look. Get the ankles pendant necklace in black here.

    2.Charming Trapezoids Necklace

    charming Trapezoids Necklace

    This trendy square marble necklace will look great with sheer white lace lingerie or halter baby dolls. The pastel pink and dark pink alternate beads will surely fetch you compliments from your man. So, what are you waiting for? You can buy the jewellery online here.

    3. Fuchsia spike necklaces 

    3.Fuchsia spike necklaces

    With this fuchsia spike bead necklace, it is almost possible to add more spice to your lingerie. You are sure to receive endless compliments for this beaded fashion jewellery in rose and gold. You can buy this jewellery online here.

    4.Pink beauty

    Pink beauty

    Make a statement with this beautiful pink jewellery set featuring a pair of earrings and necklace. Piece this jewellery set with your favorite corset or teddy for a dashing, elegant appeal.

    5.Purple Stone Encrusted Flower Statement Necklace

    Purple Stone Encrusted Flower Statement Necklace

    A white crochet bustier and a statement necklace will look absolutely stunning. Unlike mainstream jewellery pieces, this one is more quirky and contemporary. This accessory will definitely turn up the heat, without being crass.

    Even though creators of lingerie at heart, Little Secrets has been expanding its horizon, especially to utterly modish jewellery for the fashion loving woman. Most of the designs that you will find here are boutique, contemporary and outlandish. The jewellery pieces are designed to serve as the right accessory for your apparels. Get all your favourite designs here.

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  • As a woman, how do you define lingerie? It seems that different women define it differently. If for one, lingerie is about embracing womanhood, then for the other it is about expressing her femininity. Either way, we all agree that lingerie plays a wonderful role in carrying ourselves confidently. According to British fashion designer Alice Temperate, lingerie or a pretty bra sets is what inspires a woman to be confident and feel beautiful from inside – it is something that ignites the unrevealed glamour within.

    Bras are designed to shape, lift and support the breasts, but additionally they can also spice up the style quotient. They are usually paired with knickers, thongs, briefs, boy shorts – all that are in varying designs and colors to create matching bra sets. Today, bras are available in a wide variety of styles, providing different levels of support and comfort.
    All of us look and feel great in the bras that are designed perfectly to fit our figures. It is very essential to buy the right bra set to complement an outfit. For this we have come up with a simple guide, which gives an idea about the types of bras. This will also help you in selecting matching bra & brief sets.

    Underwired Bra and Matching Nickers

    The underwired bra has flexible and firm wires running down the underarm, across the bottom of the cup. Underwired bras provide moderate control, and they often feature in matching bra sets with knickers.

    Non Wired Bra

    Non wired bras are also known as soft bras; these are commonly used in bra sets. In such bras, there will be no wires under the cups. Made from good fabric, they provide optimum control, support and lift to the breasts.

    Strapless Bra and Thongs

    As the name suggests, strapless bra lacks straps, as a result of which the back or the shoulders do not bear strain. Strapless bras look flirtatious with matching thongs! But, not having straps means that these bras only provide little support and therefore are not suitable for woman with large busts.

    At Little Secrets, you will find various types of trendy lingerie and bra panty sets – all properly fitted and sensuously intoxicating! Apart from being not too pricey, the bras from the house of LSecrets have been designed to complement lace panties, thongs and G-strings. You definitely don’t want to miss a pair, do you? So, start exploring the lingerie world at Little Secrets, and find one suitable for yourself.

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  • Lingerie is essential in a women’s closet, for it lifts her spirit. She learns to appreciate herself by wearing the ideal piece of lingerie. As a woman, we get the same feeling that a man gets when he wears the jersey of his favorite team.

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  • We bring to you 6 sexy lingerie styles that should be part of every woman’s closet to turn the heat on in the bedroom.

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  • Women’s fashion world has transformed drastically over the years. Flashing of bra straps is no more a risqué. Today, you can easily spot women confidently walking the streets in revealing corsets, come-hither camisoles and all manner of lingerie-inspired looks. The latest to add to the list of mainstream lingerie fashion is 90’s couture style – “Babydolls.” From lingerie to mini dresses, Babydolls have proved time and again that it is one of the key dress styles of this season and a wardrobe essential. Babydolls have always been aligned with women’s emancipation. They are a bold form of fashion and a wonderful confidence booster. Beautiful babydolls put you back in touch with your own feminine charm. So, read about Babydolls lingerie below and understand why you should invest in this beautiful and gorgeous lingerie.
     Babydolls lingerie


    What actually is a Babydoll dress?

    The babydolls originated as short nightgowns created by designer “Sylvia Pedler” in 1942. The reason for fashioning these babydolls was rather inspired by economising - to overcome the fabric shortage during World War II. Over the years, it has gained popularity as one of the most versatile forms of lingerie.

    Babydoll lingerie is basically a garment with an empire waist and a skirt ending above the knee. It is little a dress-like nightie that is quite versatile. The placement for the waistlines on these dresses varies from the mid-ribcage region to just below the bust line. The look of these pieces is extremely flattering as the intricate laces & soft fabrics of the sensual babydolls beautifully hugs the body, making you look and feel more beautiful. A lot of the appeal of babydolls lingerie lies in the fact that they're comfortable and easy to wear. Babydolls are lightweight and can be either fitted or completely free-flowing. A lot of these come with matching things.

    So, no matter what your body type is, you can always rely upon erotic babydolls lingerie to spice up your otherwise dull bedroom life.

    At LSecrets, we are UK-based boutique online platform for women's premium lingerie products including the gorgeous babydolls in the hottest shades and styles. Expect the best-in-industry experience, fresh ideas, and a commitment to provide the perfect fit lingerie to you.

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  • Most of the swimsuit designs that rocked this 2016 were uber- cool and contemporary, with monokinis and high neck bikinis dominating the scene. Printed bikinis with exotic floral patterns in bright and bold, and crochet or lace inspired swimwear were also highly appreciated among the fashion circles. Apart from the runways you might also want to look your best on a beach party, flaunting a flattering swimsuit that can make heads turn. To help you in making the right selection, we have assorted 5 Hottest Swimsuit Trends for this season that will totally help in bringing out the beach diva in you!

    1. Monokini Madness

    Done with the dull and boring one-piece bathing suits? Monokinis are much like one-piece swim suits, but they have cut outs here and there, so that you can show off your best features, the commendable way. Monokinis come in different styles, such as triangle, halter, push-up and Brazilian cuts. You get all of them in a variety of coverage options. Monokinis are as fun and sensuous as a bikini. The swimsuit rule to follow this season is the ‘deeper back’. Lower back cleavage is a secret weapon that was initiated by the red carpet stars.

    2. Bardot beauty

    These demure swimsuits with off-shoulder sleeves and elegant sweeping necklines can make you feel ‘body-beautiful’ on a beach, accentuating your natural curves. Bardot style goes great with any figure, and gets smashing if you pair it up with quirky headbands or boho hats.

    3. Lace Love

    Erotic, figure sculpting – done lace/crochet swim wear! It’s time to dump your average bikini and embrace this style. The unique lace designs and colour combinations bring charm to your beach ensemble.


    4. Halter Falter

    Let the halter bikinis give you a terrific 70s retro vibe. Perfect for any body shape, these let you accentuate the most delicate features of your body. Halter bikinis are here to stay, as they are going to be the feminine and flirty look of the season.

    5. Bow Bandeau

    Bandeau style bikinis or monokinis offer a streamlined silhouette. Save some space for this striped swimsuit alongside all beach essentials. Its shades of white and black make it unique and perfect for a beach day. Bow bikini tops are staple swimwear style worth investing as they are too adorable.

    Fashionable and luxury swimwear has evolved over the years. From one piece suits to bikinis, there is a variety to choose from these days. The styles we have mentioned in this blog can flatter most body shapes and add that glam quotient to your next beach trip.

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