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  • When it comes to purchasing swimsuits, picking the right fit and style makes all the difference. With endless swimwear options already available in the marketplace, it becomes troublesome to make a final call. Swimsuit shopping is largely based upon the criteria of determining your body type which can be curvier, athletic frame, wedge-shaped or any other type. Shoppers who are aware of their body types know which style can draw attention to their best features. However, for the rest of the naïve audience, choosing the most flattering fit is a daunting task. Swimwear is supposed to be fun wear making you feel good, not the other way around. If you are all topsy-turvy about shopping your ideal swimsuit and want to know what you should be searching for, scroll on to these four tips.

    Tip #1:  For Rectangular or Banana Shape, Go for Monokinis

    Rectangular shape has weight accumulated around the stomach and back region. Swimsuits emphasizing on the waistline and elongating the torso are best for rectangular body types. Even though, there are a plethora of swimsuits available for these body frames, mostly one-piece suits are the best options.

    Monokini Suits are the perfect pick for Rectangular Body frames

    One-piece suits with detailing at the waistline help in emphasizing a more hourglass shape. Further, embellishments like a cut-out side, a belt or a trim in dark solid color do the trick. Plunging necklines or strapless tops draw the eye upwards.

    Sahara Monokini Swimsuit by Little Secrets

    Tip #2:  For Triangle or Pear Body-Shape, Bustier-Style Suits are a Big-Yes!

    Curvy or pear or triangular shaped usually means gaining weight in the rear and thighs. These women have full busts, wider hips, and full thighs. The key is to exaggerate on the curves while providing enough support and coverage. One piece of advice would be to steer clear of monokinis and they can further put accent on the wider area.

    Highlight your curves with Bustier Style or Asymmetrical Suits

    For the gorgeous ladies who have got sexy curves, the best way is to show off the shape and don’t go the all-coverage way. Asymmetrical suits draw the eyes towards the neckline, accentuating the lovely line from a woman's neck to the collarbone. Color blocking or quirky patterns further help in highlighting your shape.

    Bustier Style or Asymmetrical Suits

    Tip #3:  For Athletic Body Frame or H-Frame, Bare is best

    H-frame body shape is squared off and blocky with a large waist area and shoulders.  Athletic frames are mostly straight up-and-down and have fewer curves.

    Show-off your fitness with some Cleavage-flattering Bikinis or Monokinis

    Suits with less coverage help to create the illusion of a shapelier figure. The asymmetrical designer swimwear displays toned abs while revving up the sexy side of a muscular frame.

    Chinchilla Monokini Swimsuit by Little Secrets

    Tip #4: Apple-Shaped or Oval Framed Bodies can Experiment with Neon

    Apple shape bodies have average heights and gains in the mid-sections. Comparatively, this frame has fuller upper bodies than their lower counterparts. For apple figures, support in the tops becomes mandatory.

    Experiment with New trends – Ruching or Lace-up

    Plunging or detailed necklines works best for apple framed bodies as it draws attention to décolletage. Side detailing further helps in slimming the torso, and gathering, such as ruching or shirring, at the waistline slim the midsection area. Lighter-colored tops such as shades of neon draw the attention upwards.

    Audrey Fringe Bikini by Little Secrets

    Little Secrets is one of the hottest online boutiques of high-end specialty swimwear and apparel that helps you find your perfect suit. Whether you fancy all covered up or you're all bold to show your middle, there are countless one-piece and two-piece options available at our end.

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  • Most of the swimsuit designs that rocked this 2016 were uber- cool and contemporary, with monokinis and high neck bikinis dominating the scene. Printed bikinis with exotic floral patterns in bright and bold, and crochet or lace inspired swimwear were also highly appreciated among the fashion circles. Apart from the runways you might also want to look your best on a beach party, flaunting a flattering swimsuit that can make heads turn. To help you in making the right selection, we have assorted 5 Hottest Swimsuit Trends for this season that will totally help in bringing out the beach diva in you!

    1. Monokini Madness

    Done with the dull and boring one-piece bathing suits? Monokinis are much like one-piece swim suits, but they have cut outs here and there, so that you can show off your best features, the commendable way. Monokinis come in different styles, such as triangle, halter, push-up and Brazilian cuts. You get all of them in a variety of coverage options. Monokinis are as fun and sensuous as a bikini. The swimsuit rule to follow this season is the ‘deeper back’. Lower back cleavage is a secret weapon that was initiated by the red carpet stars.

    2. Bardot beauty

    These demure swimsuits with off-shoulder sleeves and elegant sweeping necklines can make you feel ‘body-beautiful’ on a beach, accentuating your natural curves. Bardot style goes great with any figure, and gets smashing if you pair it up with quirky headbands or boho hats.

    3. Lace Love

    Erotic, figure sculpting – done lace/crochet swim wear! It’s time to dump your average bikini and embrace this style. The unique lace designs and colour combinations bring charm to your beach ensemble.


    4. Halter Falter

    Let the halter bikinis give you a terrific 70s retro vibe. Perfect for any body shape, these let you accentuate the most delicate features of your body. Halter bikinis are here to stay, as they are going to be the feminine and flirty look of the season.

    5. Bow Bandeau

    Bandeau style bikinis or monokinis offer a streamlined silhouette. Save some space for this striped swimsuit alongside all beach essentials. Its shades of white and black make it unique and perfect for a beach day. Bow bikini tops are staple swimwear style worth investing as they are too adorable.

    Fashionable and luxury swimwear has evolved over the years. From one piece suits to bikinis, there is a variety to choose from these days. The styles we have mentioned in this blog can flatter most body shapes and add that glam quotient to your next beach trip.

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