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    Buying luxurious nightwear is like making an investment. But what could be the reasons that make these pieces truly special? Is it the material? Or, is it the way it makes you feel sassy and confident? The designers of luxurious lingerie have always said it, and they affirm to it again - the true value of lingerie is not just in the material or feeling, sometimes it is beyond that.

    We love splurging a lot on expensive clothes, pumps or even mascaras! But why do we shudder at the price tag of luxurious nightwear, priced similarly. We might justify our stand saying that we consider heels and clothes as investment items, and that we wear them more often. Most women don’t bother much about lingerie, and prefer wearing conventional workhorse bras. But in the end, what happens is that we cringe the moment we take off that boring bra panty in front of someone special.

    Most ‘so-called’ luxury nightwear brands do not provide the required attention to certain details. A hefty price tag and a good label necessarily do not make it a luxurious item worth buying. When you are on a shopping spree for lingerie, look for chemises, camisoles or enclosed French seams. The material of the nightwear for women should be soft on the body. Just because it says silk or lace on the tag doesn’t mean it will be of fine quality.

    Choose Wisely!

    Look beyond big brand names. Go for stores that will give you more fashion forward and innovative designs, and provide you that personal attention.

    From full bust silk bras to lace corsets, you will find all types of nightwear for women at Little Secrets. It is a great place to start if you are out on the hunt for that lingerie piece, which makes you feel like a million bucks.

    Why fabric matters a lot?

    Luxurious Nightwear

    Well knitted lingerie or nightwear makes use of superior quality fabric, which feels good and looks beautiful. Silk is perhaps the most desirable fabric when it comes to nightwear for women. The durable, strong and lustrous nature of silk makes them highly desirable in women’s luxurious lingerie. Not just the material silk, but also its texture can vary and cost accordingly. For instance, a roll of smooth, heavy silk satin can cost really high, but a roll of sheer, thin silk crepe can cost three times lesser. 

    Nightwear For Women's

    Designers have been trying to bring down the costs of luxurious nightwear, and in this effort cotton nightwear were introduced. Washable and soft against the skin, these are always good for you, if you prefer good product at lesser price. 

    Luxurious Nightwear for Women's

    Lace night wears and lingerie can be quite expensive. A fine nightwear requires elegant lace, which is very soft against the skin. They are very expensive as these are hard to source as a result of dropping demands. In fact, only few designers can work with laces. At Little Secrets we have quality lace baby dolls, thongs, naughty gowns etc. 

    Hardware of the nightwear

    Hooks, loops, sliders, eyelets, clips, cups, grips and clasps – these form the foundation of a good luxurious nightwear or lingerie. It is the hardware of the nightwear that holds up everything in place. Therefore, when you make a purchase it is essential that you check for all these details. A foam cup that disintegrates or deforms in the first wash or a broken bra strap slider – all these are futile in a fine nightwear.

    Many famous designers have agreed that there is much happiness in talking to clients, who get surprised to find them confident after wearing their lingerie. Sometimes the most beautiful or dashing nightwear for women might not give you the right conviction. What matters more are the material and the design! Both criteria should make you feel comfortable. And moreover, with comfortably comes self-confidence.

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