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  • As a woman, how do you define lingerie? It seems that different women define it differently. If for one, lingerie is about embracing womanhood, then for the other it is about expressing her femininity. Either way, we all agree that lingerie plays a wonderful role in carrying ourselves confidently. According to British fashion designer Alice Temperate, lingerie or a pretty bra sets is what inspires a woman to be confident and feel beautiful from inside – it is something that ignites the unrevealed glamour within.

    Bras are designed to shape, lift and support the breasts, but additionally they can also spice up the style quotient. They are usually paired with knickers, thongs, briefs, boy shorts – all that are in varying designs and colors to create matching bra sets. Today, bras are available in a wide variety of styles, providing different levels of support and comfort.
    All of us look and feel great in the bras that are designed perfectly to fit our figures. It is very essential to buy the right bra set to complement an outfit. For this we have come up with a simple guide, which gives an idea about the types of bras. This will also help you in selecting matching bra & brief sets.

    Underwired Bra and Matching Nickers

    The underwired bra has flexible and firm wires running down the underarm, across the bottom of the cup. Underwired bras provide moderate control, and they often feature in matching bra sets with knickers.

    Non Wired Bra

    Non wired bras are also known as soft bras; these are commonly used in bra sets. In such bras, there will be no wires under the cups. Made from good fabric, they provide optimum control, support and lift to the breasts.

    Strapless Bra and Thongs

    As the name suggests, strapless bra lacks straps, as a result of which the back or the shoulders do not bear strain. Strapless bras look flirtatious with matching thongs! But, not having straps means that these bras only provide little support and therefore are not suitable for woman with large busts.

    At Little Secrets, you will find various types of trendy lingerie and bra panty sets – all properly fitted and sensuously intoxicating! Apart from being not too pricey, the bras from the house of LSecrets have been designed to complement lace panties, thongs and G-strings. You definitely don’t want to miss a pair, do you? So, start exploring the lingerie world at Little Secrets, and find one suitable for yourself.

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