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    “Lingerie”, just saying this word makes all women go red on cheeks. Most women adore lingerie whether they accept this fact or not. However, they often don’t find the right lingerie for themselves or shy away from buying. But women should find the time to pamper themselves. A lingerie can make you feel more sexy and sensuous. Especially, women who are busy at work or mothers who have lost the spark and intimacy with their partners should add some oomph in their sexual lives. Here are some examples of lingerie you can add to your closet to spice up your intimacy levels with your lover:

    Bow Top Open Front Babydoll Lingerie

    Surprise your man with Babydoll Bow Top Open Front Lingerie in sexy bright red color. Babydoll lingerie is perfect for a luxurious dolled up look as it is made of soft lace and satin. The Bow Top Bra has a bow in the middle with halter neck strings attached and an open front, which highlights your belly. It has a G- string panty with a bow on front.

    Lana Paisley Halter Babydoll Chemise

    For women who need something more than a lingerie, they will love Babydoll Chemise. It is more than a lingerie but less than a dress. A sexy Black Babydoll Chemise is never out of trend. Lana Paisley Halter Babydoll Chemise is created using high quality printed lace with a sexy halter tie neck, revealing cleavage keyhole front cut out and an absolutely sexy mesh back. Babydoll Chemise comes with a set, which includes detachable black garters and matching thong.

    I Love Halter Front Pink Babydoll

    When it comes to intimacy, romance and sensuality, pink color never lets you down. Pink color denotes femininity and elegance. However, there are different version of pink, which will make you look steamy hot if you wear them at bedtime. I Love Halter Front Pink Babydoll is made according to the needs of every pink lover. The top has a designer lace halter neck bra attached with a see through pink net, which starts from below your breasts and ends at your panty level. The Halter Front Pink Babydoll comes with a matching pink G – string underwear.

    Romantic Rose Babydoll Dress

    If you love showing off your assets, then this Romantic Rose Babydoll is a must buy. As the name says Romantic Rose Babydoll Chemise has rose flower pattern, which partially covers your bust. It has black straps and is made of leather finish fabric in which the pattern starts from the area between your bust, covering the middle part of your belly and revealing your love handles. Sexy Babydoll Dress forms a skirt like pattern in which the middle part is made of premium quality material and the sides from see through sheer fabric. It comes with a matching G – string underwear.

    Apron Babydoll White

    Women who love white will find Apron Babydoll White dress irresistible. When women find it so irresistible, then how your man is going to resist it! Apron Style Babydoll White dress is made from high quality printed lace. It has pink ruffled edges and pink bow details. The combination of pink and white makes it more appealing and the white satin tie back will leave your man jaw-dropped as it reveals your back and bottom. Matching white thong completes the overall look. So dress up with Apron Babydoll White dress to impress your man.

    Go and find a Babydoll Lingerie or Chemise to pamper yourself and your man this holiday season. If you still haven’t got your favorite piece of Babydoll Lingerie you can buy them online from our online store We have a beautiful collection of lingerie available in a wide variety of designs, materials, colors, and sizes. Our range caters to need of all the women who love to buy luxurious Lingerie

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  • Whether you want to give a wedding gift to your soon-to-be husband or just want to bring some fun element into your relationship, a boudoir photo shoot always does the job. An intimate and sensual photoshoot which aesthetically captures you in a romantic and sometimes erotic way! To get the perfect photograph, everything is important, from lighting and setup to the posture and outfits. Mostly, women prefer to wear lingerie to give a more intimate touch to their photo shoot. Choosing the picture-perfect lingerie can be quite a task and that is where this guide will come handy.

    Embrace your body

    First and foremost, love yourself the way you are. No matter what size you are, accept it and flaunt in full confidence. If you got curves, then show them off instead of hiding them. Trust me, when you start embracing your body and drop your reservations, you will look a hundred times more gorgeous than you already are.

    Determine your body type

    In order to select THE perfect lingerie that will actually make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model, knowing your body shape is critical. Unless you can measure yourself just with your eyes, get your hands on an inch tape and note down the measurements of your shoulders, busts, waist, and hips. The four basic body types are:

    • Apple: If your middle part is fuller as compared to the rest of your body with slim legs, then you’re an Apple.
    • Pear: Pear-shaped beauties tend to have a fuller bottom than their rest of the body
    • Hourglass: If the shoulders and hips are almost of similar size with a smaller waist, then you fall in this category.
    • Rectangular: Women in this category have almost same dimensions from top to bottom, therefore having a straight line figure.

    Invest in Some Bold and Beautiful Lingerie Pieces

    Babydolls Lingerie, corsets, camisoles, the list is very long. Now that you know your body shape, it's time to choose lingerie that will flatter you the most.

    Apple shaped women should focus on drawing attention to their bust and away from the waist. Low-cut and V-shaped necklines accentuate your bust and give an elongated look to your overall body line. You can choose to wear a strapless bra and undies set or instead go for a strapless corset. This lets you flaunt your shoulders while creating some curves. If you are not comfortable in exposing too much skin, then opt for a deep V-neck bodysuit.

    Pear shaped women have heavier bottoms, but that does not mean that they need to camouflage that. Rather than hiding them, flaunt them confidently with tight-fitting pants. Corsets and corset dresses will do the job of creating a seamless line from top to bottom giving you a slender appearance.

    For Rectangle shaped women, waist clinchers, push up bras and chemises are ideal as they add the required curves to their silhouette. A padded push-up bra gives you a rather fuller and rounder appearance.

    A well-fitted chemise or teddy is perfect for flattering an hourglass-shaped body. Vintage styles and corsets double up your grace that will make you feel and look like a diva.

    Do Not Forget to Accessorize

    Your hair is set, makeup is done and you have chosen the perfect lingerie. Now for that final touch to your overall look, accessorize. You don’t need to be a walking glitter bomb. Keep it simple and elegant. It could be sexy knee high boots, a pearl necklace, studs, a hat, or anything you find interesting.

    A boudoir photo shoot is a great way of expressing yourself. Let your thoughts flow, be creative and rock that shoot in some exotic lingerie by Little Secrets. At Little secrets, we believe that lingerie has the power to either make or break your entire look. That is why we bring to you a wide range of comfortable and luxurious sleepwear, nightwear, Chemises, swimsuit, and accessories that will make you look elegant, confident and sensual.

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  • Women’s fashion world has transformed drastically over the years. Flashing of bra straps is no more a risqué. Today, you can easily spot women confidently walking the streets in revealing corsets, come-hither camisoles and all manner of lingerie-inspired looks. The latest to add to the list of mainstream lingerie fashion is 90’s couture style – “Babydolls.” From lingerie to mini dresses, Babydolls have proved time and again that it is one of the key dress styles of this season and a wardrobe essential. Babydolls have always been aligned with women’s emancipation. They are a bold form of fashion and a wonderful confidence booster. Beautiful babydolls put you back in touch with your own feminine charm. So, read about Babydolls lingerie below and understand why you should invest in this beautiful and gorgeous lingerie.
     Babydolls lingerie


    What actually is a Babydoll dress?

    The babydolls originated as short nightgowns created by designer “Sylvia Pedler” in 1942. The reason for fashioning these babydolls was rather inspired by economising - to overcome the fabric shortage during World War II. Over the years, it has gained popularity as one of the most versatile forms of lingerie.

    Babydoll lingerie is basically a garment with an empire waist and a skirt ending above the knee. It is little a dress-like nightie that is quite versatile. The placement for the waistlines on these dresses varies from the mid-ribcage region to just below the bust line. The look of these pieces is extremely flattering as the intricate laces & soft fabrics of the sensual babydolls beautifully hugs the body, making you look and feel more beautiful. A lot of the appeal of babydolls lingerie lies in the fact that they're comfortable and easy to wear. Babydolls are lightweight and can be either fitted or completely free-flowing. A lot of these come with matching things.

    So, no matter what your body type is, you can always rely upon erotic babydolls lingerie to spice up your otherwise dull bedroom life.

    At LSecrets, we are UK-based boutique online platform for women's premium lingerie products including the gorgeous babydolls in the hottest shades and styles. Expect the best-in-industry experience, fresh ideas, and a commitment to provide the perfect fit lingerie to you.

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