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Season’s 6 Womens Lingerie Styles to Spice Up Your Bedroom Moments

A womens lingerie tells a lot about her…

Women love lingerie! And, there is nothing to be shy about it. A well-fitted piece of lingerie can make a women feel hot and dashing for those special moments to follow.  They love the way it feels on their skin and amps up their confidence. Good quality lingerie uses quality fabrics like silk, satin and crochet. Such fabrics are not only gorgeous to look at but also pleasing to the skin. Sexy, erotic lingerie can turn on the bedroom charm. These days, a lot of categories and styles are available in the market to choose from. Therefore, it is easy to go wrong in shopping them as well.

We have come up with a list of six must-have hot lingerie styles that every woman should own for spicing up those bedroom moments:

1.Lace Baby Dolls


Women always look adorable in sensual lacy lingerie. Baby dolls are the perfect bedtime ensemble to don for a steamy night. They fair extra brownie points, if these are paired with thongs or g strings. Stick to pastel shades of blue, light green and pink or a doll look, or let it go raunchy with the red ones.

2.Slit Bedtime Gowns










On a serious note, getting dolled up each night for your partner is a tedious task. Baby dolls and thongs don’t work every day. Why don’t you try high slit bed time gowns. Wearing them is lot more easy. These are comfortable and also reveal just the appropriate amount.











Let the queen in you come out with this laced up design, which mimics corsets of the Victorian era. Save a revealing, black laced piece of bustier for your honeymoon!

4.Beauty in Halter

For a glam bedroom night, there is nothing accentuating than halter style lingerie. With lace details, sequences and beading, such night dresses make you as lovable as a Barbie doll!

5.The Robe










The best thing about donning a robe is that it allows you to reveal just the right amount. This lets you engage with your partner in the most exciting manner. Also, what feels better than satin on skin?


What could be more naughty than teddy? Go for sheer black lace material to flaunt your tempting, voluptuous figure. Lace and crochet teddies make undressing a gratifying experience.

Lingerie is women’s best friend. At Little Secrets, we pride on being empowering, classy, sexy and elegant. Our collection of fancy baby doll, play boy bunnies and erotic womens lingerie is sure to entice the heart of every fashion forward woman.