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5 Lingerie Lessons Every Woman Must Master

Lingerie Sets

Most of us turn clueless, when it comes to choosing the perfect lingerie sets. The right kind of undergarment will not only transform the way you look, but significantly increases your confidence as well. Of course, we cannot forget about those steamy bedroom moments, when you can make your man go crazy by flaunting the perfect lingerie.

Here, we will decode some of the essential lingerie rules that women should abide by:

1. Lingerie for your comfort

Lingerie – it is more about how you feel from within, rather how you look from outside. Comfortability matters the most! Most of the women opine that the thing that they wear underneath their clothes makes them feel beautiful from inside. It makes them feel empowered, and all the more comfortable.

2. No more bolds

Stick to the rule that simple is beautiful! Classics are classics for some reason, be it white, nude or black – all are beautiful. The new colors that have been added to the subdued range are smokier and pastel shades. For instance, if you intend to buy a lingerie in purple color, then go for bit more muted color like light mauve or pale lavender.

3.Synchronization is the new rule

Contrasting inner garments are practically a big no-no! Combining lace under wears of lashing colors are considered to be the laziest thing you can do. Wearing complementing lingerie gives all women that ‘out of the world’ feeling. It does, indeed! Select something simple yet elegant, from delicate laces to exciting prints. If you are wearing lingerie especially for those intimate moments, then makeup is another unavoidable component to it. Planning to wear nude lingerie? Then smoky eyes and beige lips would complement it the best. Pastels even work without much makeup.

4.It is time to switch to the newer versions

Negligee, bandeau, bustier, balconette – words are omnipresent in the Lingerie world. Just like having many pairs of jeans or handful of blazers, you should also broaden your lingerie horizons. Figure out which style best suits your body shape.

5.Revealing a little is fine

Women use lingerie for personal enjoyment. Revealing a bit, here and there is considered sensual. Your lingerie ensemble can be paired exquisitely with statement necklaces and bracelets. But make sure that these jewelry pieces do not overpower your lingerie.

At Little Secrets, we pride on being classy and sexy. Our huge lingerie collection is sure to entice the heart of every fashion forward woman. After all, women were born to be elegant, and we are here to just amp up that elegance.